Charidy Capital Campaign

Building off our five years of campaigning experience we provide the expertise and tools you need to turn your capital campaign vision into a reality.

From resonant branding to bold presentations, online platforms and mobile solutions we are here to build your tomorrow... today.

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Our Roadmap is Your Vision for Success

Funding Strategy

From feasibility studies to naming rights, we will create a roadmap to serve as your guide through our multi-stage fundraising process.

Major Gift Strategy & Consultation: Planning, coaching, and collecting large gifts from core donors.

Brand Building

Having established your funding goals, our creative team will develop your narrative and our designers will tell your story with a compelling wow.

Concept & Design: Capturing the essence of your project and projecting it in copy and visual


Once you have a compelling pitch, how do you tell it? In person? Online? On a mobile device? Or maybe a set of Virtual Reality Goggles? How about all of the above? Our multi-platform approach to all available media and platforms positions your project from every angle.

Capital Campaign Book

As part of an integrated multi-platform approach to successfully communicating your campaign, our exclusively designed capital campaign books effectively realize leadership gifts and cultivate large donors.

Web + Mobile

From beautiful graphics to dynamic dedication walls, your webpage is your campaign’s basecamp. Now you can build on the go and raise on the move. Our mobile capabilities literally put you in your donor’s pockets.

Websites & Mobile: Sketching, engineering, programing, and hosting smart and intuitive web and mobile user interfaces for optimal giving.

Video & Multimedia

Our team offers various video concepts to magnify your capital campaign theme. Upon concept approval, we will pen a powerful script that best conveys your story. Then onto production, filming, cutting, editing.

Virtual Reality

It is difficult to experience a building before it is built. So how do you excite a potential investor to get behind your big vision? Our virtual reality capability is one of the most radical and engaging opportunities you can provide your donors, allowing them to experience the future they will build... before they build it.